Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Another Day??

Today was a little heartbreaking, in a mild way. I lost two fish today, three total for this week. I could swear my golden koi died of a broken heart, I really could. Strange creatures, fish. Getting 2 baby rabbits tomorrow from my cousin tho. A black one that I'm goin to name Wicked and a dark gray one with white fur underneath that I'm goin to call Heven. Yea, I've got an odd personality, but I am quite addictive haha.
But on another note, the Book Blast for "Jasmine's Tale" went off without a hitch. So, here's to the next the next one! Meanwhile, I'm trudging away at my research for own books. Yes, 'books,' plural. I have several running rampant, although there is one that is tugging at me quite roughly right now to be realized and awakened. So stay tuned for juicy tidbits on my twist of a tale on the elements. ;)

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