Sunday, March 9, 2014

Have you ever started to write a book?

Have you ever started to write a book? Or maybe just a short story? 
I have, many times. I have this incredible idea floating about my mind almost constantly. The only thing that eases it, is putting pen to paper, honestly. It doesn't always make sense, of course, but it's the beginning of something wonderful deep within me. Before I know it, I find myself returning to that idea time and time again. As the days and weeks, and even months go by, I've got the rough outline almost complete! 
But there are times when we start something, we get a few good scenes goin, and then bam!, we've hit a roadblock. Some of us will just quit altogether until something else comes up for that particular idea.  But others are stubborn and refuse to give up so easily. They keep on, working on other projects, occasionally coming up with ideas or just simple little thoughts for their original work, and file it all together. 
Which type of writer are you? 

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