Monday, November 18, 2013


You remember that old adage? "Rain, rain, go away...", oh yea, I'm feelin it tonight. That's all it's done today.Normally it might have actually been good writing weather. Slap on the headphones, turn up my writing playlist (ya gotta have one of those, it's almost mandatory these days lol), and just let loose. But, alas, I had an appointment and then some errands to take care of. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the little minions from Girl Scouts. Talk about impossible to work after that, ugh haha. I did fiddle around with the website a bit, with a bit of help from Kisha, we made sure the links I have in place are in fact working, so YAY to us for getting that straightened out. I wish I had a set date set up for the release or grand opening of the site, but it's more a factor of waiting for me to create and work up character sheets for a few major characters and then start writing the first couple of chapters before I can remove the under construction. I can't wait, I hope others become as exicted about it as I am. Cheers all!

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